Steve Wilson – Professional Profile

Steve Wilson is a highly regarded plumbing and hydraulic design professional. He has a deep understanding of the inner workings of large, multi-level buildings with a 30+ year proven track-record.


30+ years industry experience


Wide-ranging qualifications


Expert hydraulic designer


Specialist in multi-level apartments and buildings

‘Body Corporates and Strata Management companies choose to work with me because I’ve spent so many years in plumbing design and consulting. But my expertise isn’t limited to the past. I always stay hands-on and avidly keep up to date with the plumbing technology of today.’ Steve Wilson

Extensive qualifications

Steve completed his four-year plumbing apprenticeship in 1980. However, that was to be the first of many qualifications he would ultimately achieve.

Starting out with a small plumbing business, Steve got hands-on experience by day – while advancing his education by night. Over the next 10 years, he studied at Swinburne and RMIT to secure additional qualifications in:

  • Pipeline design
  • Water supply design
  • Plumbing for high-rise buildings
  • Solar installations and estimating
  • Gas fitting pipe design
  • Roof drainage design
  • Sewer drainage design
  • Hot water design


With years of professional experience

Steve went on to work as a Supervisor and Estimator for a large commercial plumbing business in Melbourne CBD, before joining an Engineering Consulting firm in the late 1980s. In this role, Steve was part of the hydraulic design team for many flagship Melbourne buildings such as:

  • Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
  • Northern Hospital
  • Frankston Hospital
  • Student Accommodation Hostel Carlton

Over the next decade Steve continued to design plumbing systems for multi-level buildings – honing his expertise in pressure pump systems, valves, bulk hot water circulating systems, sewer waste stacks, vents, drainage, gas and more.

And expertise that’s second to none

As owner and operator of Allabout Plumbing, Steve Wilson and his team specialise in the service and maintenance of multi-level apartments, office blocks and shopping centres across Melbourne.

With years of experience as a hydraulic designer, Steve brings expertise to the table that Body Corporates won’t find elsewhere. He intimately understands plumbing systems in buildings of all ages and has knowledge of all valves required for a building to function.

Steve is also frequently engaged by engineers for his forensic knowledge and opinion as an expert witness.

Acting member of Australian Hydraulic Services Consultants Association (AHSCA).

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